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Web 2.0–The Adventure Begins!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 1, 2008

Today Mrs. Hamilton and I began a Web 2.0 class with Web 2.0 maven Sandi Adams. We had a blast on our first day! So far we played with things with which we are already familiar: WordPress,, and ImageChef. We learned even more cool stuff and look forward to learning even more. If you want to set up your own blog on WordPress, or set up your own social bookmarking account, or just create great graphics on ImageChef, please let us know. We can quickly get you started; stop by the media center today!

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Teen Tech Week Is Here!

Posted by grizzlymedia on March 3, 2008

Teen Tech Week2

Teen Tech Week is here! We have a list of cool sites posted on our links. Visit these sites to find out more about Teen Tech Week and teens using technology.

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The Library—It’s Not Just for Books Any More!

Posted by grizzlymedia on February 13, 2008

Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week is just around the corner! Are you ready? Do you even know what it is? Teen Tech Week is a national initiative designed to ensure that teens are competent and ethical users of technologies, particularly those that are offered through libraries. Teen Tech Week encourages teens to use libraries’ nonprint resources for education and recreation, and to recognize that librarians are qualified, trusted professionals in the field of information technology. In the past few years, teen use of technological resources has dramatically increased, but this use has primarily been from home rather than from school and public libraries. In 2005, 86% of youth aged 8-18 had a computer in their home, and 74% had Internet access in their home, according to a recent study by Harris Interactive. Eight- to eighteen-year-olds spend an average of six hours and twenty-one minutes per day using media (including TV, video/DVDs/movies, video games, audio media, computers and print media). Seventy-one percent of teens report that the Internet is their primary source for completing school projects, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Unfortunately many studies have shown that  most teens lack the critical thinking skills and technical expertise to use the Internet and other electronic resources such as online databases effectively. The library is your trusted resource for accessing information, and library media specialists are the experts who can help you develop the skills you need to use electronic resources effectively and efficiently. Please call on us for all your technology needs!

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Can You Juggle 23 Things at Once?

Posted by grizzlymedia on November 27, 2007

23 Things

Have you started thinking about your 23 Things? The Unquiet Library is excited about sharing Web 2.0 tools with everyone as we launch our 23 Things activities starting in January. Are you ready for the challenge? Come join us on our journey as we learn and grow together to make Creekview the most tech-savvy school in north Georgia. Fun, food, and fringe benefits await you as you learn your 23 Things. In Week Two you will be creating your own blog–old hat for many of you–but only the Bufferina knows the mystery of what’s happening in Week One. By Week Twenty-Three, you’ll probably be building a space ship to Jupiter–who knows. For more details, visit the 23 Things Blog.

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Web 2.0 Wow!

Posted by grizzlymedia on September 27, 2007

Web 2.0

The Unquiet Library published its first edition of its Web 2.0 Wow newsletter. The newsletter is bursting with ideas and suggestions for using Web 2.0 technology for enhancing student achievement. Be sure to look for the next edition of the newsletter in about six weeks.

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Phoenix Mars Lander carries library of information.

Posted by grizzlymedia on August 5, 2007


Did you know that when the Phoenix Mars Lander blasted off last month it carried a DVD containing 84 written texts, 63 Mars-related works of art, and three radio broadcasts, including the 1938 recreation of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” and the 1940 discussion between Wells and Orson Welles, who directed the panic-inducing drama? What would you have chosen to send on the 10 month-long 422 million-mile journey to tell Martians about life on Earth?

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Microchips in Humans.

Posted by grizzlymedia on August 5, 2007


Libraries place microchips and other devices in books and other materials to control theft. Now some companies are experimenting with these Radio Frequency Identification Devices in humans to identify high security workers or for helping to locate Alzheimer’s patients. Are microchips in humans an idea whose time has come, or is it Big Brother surveillance gone too far?

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