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Halloween Grizzly Style

Posted by grizzlymedia on October 31, 2008

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Check out some of the characters who showed up at the library this morning! Here’s proof that Grizzlies know how to have fun.

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What’s New at FaceinHole?

Posted by grizzlymedia on May 8, 2008

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Those crazy guys at FaceinHole are having a contest and YOU could be the winner! Just submit your best FaceinHole and the winner will win an entire T-shirt featuring his or her FaceinHole design. OK, so it’s not a million dollars, but what can you expect from a wonderful Web 2.0 site that gives you this much fun for free! And the FaceinHole dudes (did I just say “dudes”? I’m a teacher, for Pete’s sake…) figure most of the reward will be in the fight to the death (not literally!) that ensues. And maybe they’ll give the winner some props on their website!

Here’s some other new news from the FaceinHole newsletter:
– they offer several multiface scenarios
– many new tools are available in the “create” section like brightness, contrast, flip and hue/saturation
– a new section of “Books & Magazines” has been added! Put yourself on the cover like Kayli did here!
– after you create a FACEinHOLE you can add it immediatley to MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, Facebook and other social networks
– they offer a RSS feed that you may subscribe to and be notified when new scenarios are available
– during the last month they have added approximately 200 new scenarios
– they update the site daily, with new scenarios being included every single day

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Alert the Media! Kids Want to Learn!

Posted by grizzlymedia on May 7, 2008

Wow! Students actually learning, enjoying it, and asking for more! What a concept! On Monday we worked with Scott Martin’s classes to teach them some Web 2.0 utilities such as Animoto, Glogster, ImageChef, iGoogle, and Google Calendar. My favorite comment of the day was a student who said, “How come no one ever showed us this before?” In almost an entire career of teaching, I never heard a student say anything like that before! A student irate because information had been withheld from her! Who woulda thunk it????

The Web 2.0 world is a fascinating place with something for everyone! There are helpful tools out there to fulfill almost every need you can imagine. Ask and ye shall receive! Students have been coming in since our lesson asking for URLs to get back to the sites! Monica Tillery’s students who did glogs last month can’t stop glogging! If you are a student and you want to learn more about these Web 2.0 tools, see us! If you are a teacher and you want to learn more about these Web 2.0 utilities, see us. If you are a teacher, and you want us to teach your students about these or other Web 2.0 toys…SEE US! Guess what? We actually like to work with you and your students. They will thank you for it! (And their excitement is very rewarding–and contagious!)

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MagMyPic Rocks!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 23, 2008

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Did you know that I was MVP? You can be, too, with MagMyPic! There is not a huge selection of magazine covers, and the titles are not all the same as real magazines, but it is still fun and easy. All you do is cruise over to MagMyPic, upload a picture, select the cover you want for your picture, decide if you want a medium or large size cover, then upload to your blog, website, MySpace, FaceBook, wherever. Mine embedded in a flash with no “issues.” That’s a pun, get it? Magazine? Issues? OK, so it’s a bad joke. It’s not like you never heard me tell a bad joke before…

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GlassGiant is Gigantic Fun!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 21, 2008

Grizzly Den

Remember all the cool graphics you made on ImageChef? Well, if you have already made millions of cool ImageChef images, and now you feel as if you have exhausted all of their possibilities, you might also want to try GlassGiant. You can make lots of cool graphics, enjoy some “fun and games” (for example ”Pumpkin Masher” and “Word Scrambler”) and even try your hand at “geek stuff” such as counting to 31 on one hand or making a trebuchet that can fire balls of Play-Doh! The images can be posted to your blog, website, or your MySpace or FaceBook page. I did have some issues with embedding to WordPress, but all I had to do was save my lovely image as a picture file and then upload it. Voila!

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Don’t Forget About Scrapblog!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 21, 2008

My Scrapblog

Yes, this may be the worst Scrapblog ever, but Scrapblog is easy to use, and you can make cool scrapbook pages online just like the ones you make in your “real” scrapbooks, only with less glue and scissors. I just wanted to remind you that it’s still out there, and it’s still easy, and people are coming up with cute, easy-to-use templates all the time. Or you can design your own. Plus if you don’t like theirs, you can just delete the “stickers.” All you do is select a template, upload your pictures, add frames, add or delete the stickers, save and then publish to your blog or website or wherever. Come on, surely you can come up with something cooler than this!

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Zamzar Sizzles!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 21, 2008


Thanks to Web 2.0 guru Sandi Adams, I have a cool new Web 2.0 app that you are going to loooove. OK, so suppose you are a teacher in a typical school system (like mine) that blocks YouTube, (or maybe you are a non-educator, but you just work or go to school somewhere that blocks YouTube so you will work instead of watching cool videos all day!), so you can’t access it at school, or show your students a cool video you found there. Well, you know there are other sites like TeacherTube and SchoolTube that have educational videos, but they still don’t have this video you simply cannot live without sharing. Well, no problemo! Enter Zamzar , the Web 2.0 tool you have been waiting for all your life. Well, maybe not all your life, just since your workplace/school started blocking YouTube. All you have to do is access Zamzar while you are at home enjoying said irresistible video (if you were at school and had the URL memorized, you wouldn’t even have to do it at home), browse for the URL, select the file type to which you want to convert the YouTube file, like maybe .avi or .wmv, so you can play it on Windows Media Player or something you have installed on your school/work computer, enter your email address so Zamzar can magically email you the converted file, and then click to convert the file. In no time at all, you will receive an email with the converted file which you can then share with your peeps! Of course it is going to be school-appropriate, right? Good. What a dedicated little teacher you are!

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FaceinHole is Super!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 21, 2008

Create your own FACEinHOLE

News Flash! Thanks to reader Zep for pointing out my faux pas in my post on FaceinHole. Apparently I was sleep-walking when I wrote my former post, because I like totally overlooked the “My FaceinHole” portion of the site. that is where you can go to see your lovely previously created FaceinHole scenarios. Please forgive me, FaceinHole! I now declare you perfect in every way!

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FaceinHole adds Cool New Feature!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 18, 2008

Create your own FACEinHOLE

OK, so FaceinHole is super easy and super cool already, but now they have added a new super-cool feature. All you have to do on FaceinHole is just select a scenario and upload your own photos of (possibly former) friends, family members, or yourself, and create hilarious new pix that you can easily embed into your blog, email to anyone, or post on your MySpace, FaceBook, or website. But, bam, pow, now you can add thought or phrase balloons to let your characters express themselves, as “Buffy Lisa” is doing here. FaceinHole is just about the easiest Web 2.0 application out there, but you cannot save your creations online as you can with most Web 2.0 tools. You can, however, save your favorite scenarios and submit suggestions for new scenarios. Alas, nothing is perfect, but FaceinHole is perfectly delightful!

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Flaunt Your Skills with Flauntr

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 16, 2008

You don’t have to be a photo editing genius to look like one with flauntr! Just sign up, instantaneously upload your pix, and then edit them just as quickly and easily. You can crop them in a flash, and then add cool special effects like embossing (making your photo look as if the image is raised like a coin) and “Warholizing”–you know, the cool Andy Warhol look where the colors are all bold and mixed-up. The cool effect you see here on Kayli is called posterizing. You can also add cutesy frames, create and send your own ecards, and compose dreamy digital scrapbooks. And of course it’s all free, free, free, because it’s Web 2.0! Isn’t Web 2.0 wonderful!

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