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Can You Juggle 23 Things at Once?

Posted by grizzlymedia on November 27, 2007

23 Things

Have you started thinking about your 23 Things? The Unquiet Library is excited about sharing Web 2.0 tools with everyone as we launch our 23 Things activities starting in January. Are you ready for the challenge? Come join us on our journey as we learn and grow together to make Creekview the most tech-savvy school in north Georgia. Fun, food, and fringe benefits await you as you learn your 23 Things. In Week Two you will be creating your own blog–old hat for many of you–but only the Bufferina knows the mystery of what’s happening in Week One. By Week Twenty-Three, you’ll probably be building a space ship to Jupiter–who knows. For more details, visit the 23 Things Blog.

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