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You Gotta Snag SnagFilms!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 29, 2009

[clearspring_widget title=”SnagFilms Film Widget” wid=”4837b4759c19ccae” pid=”49f7580b18e795fd” width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=””]

Ever wish you had a great documentary film you could show your class (or just watch yourself)—for free? Then, man, do you ever need SnagFilms! SnagFilms brings you the world’s most compelling documentaries from first-time filmmakers to established heavyweights like National Geographic and everything in between. And, oh, yeah, you can watch these full-length documentaries online, for free. You can even embed them on your website or blog. Even WordPress. That’s right, you heard me. I said, even WordPress. Here’s a summary of what SnagFilms is about from their website:

Find. Whether using our custom search tools, browsing by topic, or tuning into one of the great channels provided by our partners, with a few clicks you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Watch. By streaming films worldwide, on-demand, 24×7 and with no software installation or downloading required, we have radically expanded the audience for documentary films. All you need is a decent broadband connection. Just click play, go full-screen, and lean back and enjoy our films.

Snag. Widgets let you take your favorite SnagFilms with you wherever you like to go online. Open a virtual movie theater right in your webpage, blog, Facebook or MySpace page, or just about any other place online you can think of.

Support. At their best, documentaries don‘t merely entertain us, they engage and inspire us to action. We provide a link for you to a charity related to the topic of each film (many of them selected by the filmmaker) so you can get involved, immediately.  And just by embedding our widgets, you’ve donated your pixels and helped support independent film.

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