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Save Horace the Hungry Hippo!

Posted by grizzlymedia on March 4, 2009

Photo courtesy of Jakalito

Have you seen Horace the Hungry Hippo? The media center HAD–as in past tense, as in once upon a time, as in no longer, as in formerly was in possession of–three lovely tiny circus critters. We ONCE owned a hippopotamus, a camel, and a wolf. OK, maybe wolves aren’t circus animals. At any rate, we once owned a lovely Horace the Hungry Hippo, or if you prefer different terminology, Horace owned us, and he guarded our printer night and day, without causing any harm to anyone, and without charging us one red cent for his services. In short, he was a saint. Then, Friday the Thirteenth arrived, and Horace went missing. Horace, by the way, looks nothing like the frightened little hippo you see in the picture above. Of course this hippo looks frightened–he is about to be eaten–or worse–by some alien creature. We thought it best not to show an actual photo of Horace for fear that it could cause his tiny plastic life to become even more endangered. Our Horace looks much braver than this poor hippo, even though he is perhaps in even graver danger. Should you see Horace, PLEASE return him to the library at once. Our printer desperately needs him. Our students desperately need him. A reward, approximately commensurate with Horace’s annual salary, is being offered for his safe return. If you have any information leading to his recovery, please contact Detectives Brooke or Ashley or comment to this blog post immediately.

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