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Be Funky!

Posted by grizzlymedia on February 9, 2009


As you know,  if you’ve ever read this blog more than once or twice, I love a good Web 2.0 app. And now I have found a new one, BeFunky, which has stolen my heart. Although we did have a little lover’s quarrel at first when BeFunky refused to embed. But like any good lover of worthwhile Web 2.0 tools, I refused to be defeated, and I shall share my secrets with you. Here is what BeFunky can do for you, and how you can force it into submission. Here is the step-by-step scoop:

  • Click on “Get Started Now!”
  • Select an application: Cartoonizer, Warholizer, Charcola, Patriotic, Inkify, LineArtopia, Stenciler, Sunburst, or Scribbler (Variety is the spice of life, my friend!)
  • Browse files to select your picture from your computer, a webcam, a regular website, or a photo sharing site such as flickr
  • After you snag your pic, it’s easy to rotate left, rotate right, crop, or just skip editing altogether if your picture’s already perfect
  • Voila! Your picture is Warholized! Or in the case of my photo above, Charcolaed.
  • Now, you’ve got to do something with it. You can right click and print it, or
  • You can upload it to all the places I mentioned before, or
  • You can share via email or to your social networking sites, or
  • You can save to “My Gallery” or “My Desktop.”
  • If you want to post to your blog, select the option of saving to “My Gallery” or “My Desktop.”
  • Click OK and then save the file to somewhere on your computer.
  • You can then upload or insert the file into your blog.
  • Here’s a Warholized picture of Kayli (OK, she’s Chinese, but Chinese people aren’t really yellow, that’s a myth; it’s the Warholizing)
  • warhol_kayli

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