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ChaCha Gives You Answers on the Go

Posted by grizzlymedia on January 22, 2009

ChaCha – Mobile Search | Text Search | Questions and Answers via kwout

Ever had an urgent research or trivia question but no access to your computer and its accompanying bevy of search engines? Man, do you ever need ChaCha! Their new Mobile Search feature was made for you. All you do is send an SMS text to 242242 or call ChaCha at 1-800-2Cha-Cha (1-800-224-2242). Tell ChaCha your desperate question in regular conversational English, and they’ll answer back with a simple text message in real time. You don’t have to have an advanced smart phone; any basic phone and virtually any carrier works with ChaCha mobile. ChaCha charges you nada, but your mobile phone company’s charges will apply. ChaCha uses real humans to do the research for you 24/7. It’s like having your own personal librarian in your pocket. You can read a press release about ChaCha’s latest venture here.

2 Responses to “ChaCha Gives You Answers on the Go”

  1. Amy said

    Hi! Awesome article. If anyone would like info on how to become a Guide, I would be more than happy to give you a referral.
    Feel free to email me at


  2. grizzlymedia said

    Thanks, Amy! ChaCha is a great site.

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