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ClassMarker Makes the Grade

Posted by grizzlymedia on December 9, 2008


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ClassMarker is a cool Web 2.0 application that allows teachers to create their own tests and post them online for student testing. Test creation is quick, simple, and, dare I say–fun? You can set up a password for your students and they can just login to take the test. You select the correct answers when you create each exam, so ClassMarker does the grading for you. 🙂  You can enter an entire class at once with a comma separated Excel file and then delete them all in one fell swoop at the end of the semester or year. You can change student user names to make them easier for your kids to remember, and since you can reset learner passwords, your students don’t even have to have their own email accounts to access ClassMarker. If a student is transferred from one of your classes to another, ClassMark allows you to easily transfer her as well. You can set a time limit on multiple choice tests, view all of your class usernames, and download all of your class results and group results–check the website to see what the difference is between a class and a group.  Here are some other features which ClassMarker is expecting to have available in the near future, according to their website:

  • Question banks
  • Tests with mixed question types
  • Ability to select more then one correct option in multiple choice questions
  • Essay question types
  • Show feedback after each question
  • Set pass marks on tests
  • Set how many questions to display per page
  • Options to allow learners to save and finish tests later
  • Options to only allow continuation of a test only when each question is answered correctly as they take the test
  • Option to allow learners to take a test created from a random list of your questions
  • Option to allow learners to take a test created from a list of your questions they have previously answered incorrectly.
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