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Boost Your Blog with Hyplet

Posted by grizzlymedia on December 4, 2008


Save this Hyplet | Create new

Hyplet is a “hip” Web 2.0 application that lets you create mini flyers like the one you see above to advertise your blog. You can also create freestyle, personal, or “love” flyers. Or why not try a flyer with your favorite video, music, or photo? You can even create flyers for announcements, eshopping sales, and parties! Bloggers and gamers can create ID cards with user names for all their online services. I love the blog flyers, but I’m not so crazy about the ID cards. Theoretically, you can change the font size, but I was unable to make it small enough to contain my info. It would also be nice to be able to edit the online applications; you can delete the ones which Hyplet supplies, but you can’t input new ones. But who cares! Just because I don’t love all of Hyplet’s features doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some of them. And did I mention that my cool blue flyer contains a link to my blog? It is most cool. And did I mention that it comes in several other pretty colors?

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