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Gotta Getta Gizmoz!

Posted by grizzlymedia on May 19, 2008


Are you just itching to create, customize, animate, and share your own three-dimensional talking videos featuring yourself or your friends? Well Gizmoz could be just what you  have been waiting for! Gizmoz characters can be created either as your own self-portrait starting from a single personal photo, or created using images from Gizmoz’s library, all in just a few minutes. The result is a customized digital character that can be used to deliver personalized, lip-synched messages in video clips and other original content. Gizmoz provides you with an exciting, unique option for revealing your creative side on your blog, social networking site, email, or general website. You basically have four options: be a star of one of several movies, compose your own answering machine video (including recording your voice), create a video sticker, your own animated video clips, or design your own gizmoz. The gizmoz are the characters you create by uploading your photos, then selecting costumes, hair, headgear, accessories, makeup, and facial modifications. I became a platinum blonde with blonde aviator sunglasses! Very 80s!

Sadly, WordPress and Gizmoz are not friends, because WordPress and flash are not friends. I was able to email my Gizmoz, post them on FrontPage, iGoogle, Netvibes, and Pageflakes, but, alas, not on WordPress. Sorry, WordPress, but if you want me to say nicer things about you, then do nicer things! We need flash! We need to be able to use animation in our posts! We want fun! Fun is fun! Get with the twenty-first century, WordPress! 🙂

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