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Use Jott to Jog Your Brain!

Posted by grizzlymedia on May 7, 2008


You know those little reminder thingys they advertise for old people to help them remember to buy cigarettes for their grandkids? Well Jott is like that, only cooler. It allows you to use your cell phone and the Internet to leave yourself text reminders on your cell phone and email reminders on your computer, so you look more like a citizen of the twenty-first century and less like an Alzheimer’s patient. You can also post a cool little audio reminder on your blog or website. Don’t panic if your reminder does not immediately appear; it will take about five or ten minutes before it shows up. But I digress. You will first have to set up your email address and the phone from which you plan to send your messages; I recommend your mobile phone, because it is probably the most convenient. Whenever an idea pops into your brain, you can just call yourself with a reminder. All you do is call Jott, answer their questions about the date and time of your reminder, and what you need to do, and then Jott sends you either a text or email message fifteen minutes in advance. You can also add your contacts to Jott and remind them as well. Online directions are ultra easy! Here are some suggestions from Jott to help make their voice recognition more effective and improve the quality of your messages:

1) Avoid background noise if you can help it:
This seems obvious, but it really does have a huge impact on the quality the transcription. And we’re not just talking Rock Concert category noise (though people have tried jotting there). Even a loud restaurant, or multiple people talking in the background, can lead to bad results.
2) Be aware of accents and pronunciation:
We all say things differently. If you’re having a hard time getting the voice recognition system to understand the name of a contact, try our ‘Sounds Like’ feature. You can find it on the Contacts page on the website. For instance, Jott might struggle with the name Mike Krzyzewski…you might want to put “Sheshefski” or “Coach K” in the Sounds Like field.
3) Try not to mumble:
The clearer you speak, the better the transcription – it’s as simple as that. The reality is that we all sometimes start a Jott, and then figure out what we’re trying to say on the fly. This leads to mumbles, corrections, and lots of “ums” and “ahs”.
4) Spell out proper names and slang
You may know how your co-worker’s last name is spelled, but sometimes we could use help. Is it Miller or Mueller? Just spell it out and it will be transcribed as one word.
5) Speed kills:
One of the great things about Jott is its ability to deal with normal speech. We’ve heard that over and over. But one thing that does degrade quality is when we try to jam a lot of speech into a Jott. So we’ve learned to slow down a little.


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