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A Solution…At Last!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 24, 2008

Flash Drive

You just don’t know how many times students come into the media center with files they have created at home which they are trying to access via email, but either: a) the email is blocked, or b) even when we allow them to access the files via email, a glitch occurs. No matter how many times we say, “Buy a $10 flash drive at Bear Necessities!” no one listens (shocking!), or they spend the $10 on something more exciting than flash drives (shockinger!). Well, here is a fast, easy, FREE Web 2.0 solution to all your problems. OK, not all your problems, just all your file transfer problems. Just surf on over to! enables you to create exchange points for uploading your data and then accessing them later. You can even allow others to access your data and, if you choose, alter it. You don’t even have to create an account or remember a user name and password as with most Web 2.0 sites. You do have to remember the location (URL) which you assign to your “drop” as the exchange points are called. The drops are private, and you determine how accessible you want them to be to others, such as your teacher. All you do is name your drop; upload your file; decide whether or not to password protect the file; choose a date when you want the file to be deleted (for example a month after your paper is due–don’t make it too early in case you get an extension or you get a reprieve from the governor!); then select an option of whether others can view, view and add, or view, add and delete. Now just hit the big red “Drop it!” button and your file is saved in lovely cyberspace. All you do is go back to your previously-named address (what–you didn’t forget that URL already, did you?) and open that file. What could be easier? Absolutely nothing!

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