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Zamzar Sizzles!

Posted by grizzlymedia on April 21, 2008


Thanks to Web 2.0 guru Sandi Adams, I have a cool new Web 2.0 app that you are going to loooove. OK, so suppose you are a teacher in a typical school system (like mine) that blocks YouTube, (or maybe you are a non-educator, but you just work or go to school somewhere that blocks YouTube so you will work instead of watching cool videos all day!), so you can’t access it at school, or show your students a cool video you found there. Well, you know there are other sites like TeacherTube and SchoolTube that have educational videos, but they still don’t have this video you simply cannot live without sharing. Well, no problemo! Enter Zamzar , the Web 2.0 tool you have been waiting for all your life. Well, maybe not all your life, just since your workplace/school started blocking YouTube. All you have to do is access Zamzar while you are at home enjoying said irresistible video (if you were at school and had the URL memorized, you wouldn’t even have to do it at home), browse for the URL, select the file type to which you want to convert the YouTube file, like maybe .avi or .wmv, so you can play it on Windows Media Player or something you have installed on your school/work computer, enter your email address so Zamzar can magically email you the converted file, and then click to convert the file. In no time at all, you will receive an email with the converted file which you can then share with your peeps! Of course it is going to be school-appropriate, right? Good. What a dedicated little teacher you are!

One Response to “Zamzar Sizzles!”

  1. sandiadams said

    HEY thanks for the props!! I am trying to stay on my A game for you and the Buffinator!!!
    We all need to have a collaboration DINNER!!

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