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Come Sail Away!

Posted by grizzlymedia on January 8, 2008

Wellington Map

Hello, world travelers! Ever been to Wellington, New Zealand? Well, my son is there right now. I created a (lame) Flash Slide Show using some of his pictures. Right now I can’t embed the slide show because access to VodPod is blocked at school, and the pictures are teeny tiny because it was my first try with SkyAlbum Flash Slide Show and I foolishly picked a (lame) background that teeny tinied my pictures, apparently. Anyway, I thought you might like to travel vicariously through the Grizzly Den. Just click on this link to view the show. Next time I will do a less lame slide show and also embed it. For more information about Wellington, click here to go to the database page, then click on Grolier Encyclopedia and type Wellington New Zealand into the search box. If you have forgotten the passwords, see your Mrs. Fleet, Mrs. Hamilton, or Mrs. Beasley in the media center.

One Response to “Come Sail Away!”

  1. Kayli said

    I vote we take a school trip to New Zealand!!!! I love the pictures.

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