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31 Flavorite Authors Day 17: Deb Caletti

Posted by grizzlymedia on October 17, 2007

Deb Caletti writes all the cool books that girls love to read. Find out more about Deb at her website and her blog By the way, have you been to Little Willow’s fab site, bildungsroman? What does “bildungsroman” mean, you might ask? It’s a German word for a book about someone growing up and becoming an adult. Pretty hip, huh? Little Willow is also pretty hip, because she wrote a cool comment to our website thanking us for supporting the 31 Flavorite Authors! Look for her comment at the top of the screen under “About the BlatantBibliophiles.” There’s a cool article about Deb Caletti at bildungsroman: To read more articles about great teen authors go to Little Willow’s site at

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