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Libraries for Sale?

Posted by grizzlymedia on October 7, 2007


While news articles bill it as the salvation of the Jackson County, Oregon, public libraries, is privatization really the answer? In a recent Associated Press article, Julia Silverman praises outsourcing and claims library patrons won’t notice the difference in service. If libraries are being staffed with fewer librarians and less professional staff, the service is sure to suffer. For more information, see the article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. What do you think about “selling” public libraries to private companies to keep them open?

3 Responses to “Libraries for Sale?”

  1. Woeful said

    It’s very sad that there isn’t more support for the libraries there. That said, any library is better than no library at all.

  2. Kane said

    I suppose I never really imagined a town that didn’t have a library! Unfortunately, it seems that the written word in print form is less and less important in our highly digitized and electronic world.

    I watched a news report yesterday morning on the Today Show covering this story. While, I agree that service will surely decline and the lack of true media specialists will be noticed, at least the towns are able to have a library!

  3. Ms. B said

    I see the privatization of libraries as a natural progression. Not all communities will use this option, but if it puts books and information into the hands of patrons, that is a good thing. Who knew libraries could be profitable??? Maybe I’ll buy one!!

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